• Goa track number 6

    I had to finish this project on my windows system before I backup and than wipe my HDD to make room for the Linux. Of course jeskola buzz used with synths: Charlatan, Oatmeal and CreakBox. Effects: Tone 2 - Warmverb, mgTriggerGate, Tal Filter, Abstract Chamber, TinyQ, Melda Phaser, Luftikus, Roktion, Maxwell Smart, and jeskola buzz native machines and effects.


    Posted on 30 Apr 2019. Tags: music goa psychotic fields buzz 2019

    Fifth track, this time on Linux

    I finally installed Linux on my system and set it up for some goa production! In the near future I hope my machine will not be a dual boot machine. I am planing to get rid of the windows completely. This track is not loud enough, but I hate mastering, so it is as it is... Software used: OS - Debian 9, Tracktion 7, Carla plugin host. Tal, gvst and Calf plugins... A big Thank you goes to all the great people that create free and open source software!


    Posted on 03 Mar 2019. Tags: music goa psychotic fields tracktion linux 2019

    Forth goa track, only 127bpm

    This one is a little slower, 127bpm. Not a typical goa track. Again Jeskola Buzz with free plugins. Synths: T-Phorce Alpha plus, Deducktion, DSK Asian Dreamz, DSK Ethereal padz, Augur, Aegis, and of course buzz native machines Oomek Agressor and KickXP. Effects: Melda free plugins bundle, Tal Chorus and GVST effects bundle.


    Posted on 04 Jan 2019. Tags: music goa psychotic fields buzz 2019

    Third goa track. Happy new year!

    Another one... heavy use of Oomek Aggressor 303, melda plugins, synthmaster one, hybrid, xpand!2, various buzz machines... I didn't pay too much attention to production quality because it is the most boring thing for me. I made jeskola buzz theme which can be found on jeskola buzz forum.


    Posted on 02 Jan 2019. Tags: music goa psychotic fields buzz 2019

    Second goa track finished

    Still under a 140 BPM. I made this using free plugins in Jeskola Buzz. VST (Instruments) used: Charlatan, Augur, Sonigen modular and buzz native machines FSM Infector, FSM Kick XP and Oomek Aggressor 303, For VST (effects) some ReaPlugins, Luftikus as master EQ, Unlimited Limiter, Transpire, S.LA.X compressor, Bass professor II by Sonic Anomaly, Phazor (Phaser) and for reverb Ambience by Smartelectronix. No mastering!


    Posted on 15 Apr 2018. Tags: music goa psychotic fields buzz 2018

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