• Goa track number 7 (Ardour on Linux)

    Finally a pure Linux machine. I made this track using Ardour DAW, which is better solution for me than Tracktion + Carla. I know production is not so good and the kick is silent. I wanted for the kick to sound like that, but production is not my cup of tea. Track is made using all free native linux plugins: GeonKick, Calf studio, GVST, Distrho ports, Helm synth, Dragonfly Hall reverb, U-he Podolski, and Ardour native plugins (sidechain compressor, eq, filter). This is the fastest track I made recently (150 BPM). A big Thank You goes to all the people who make opensource and free software!


    Posted on 09 Aug 2019. Tags: music goa psychotic fields ardour linux 2019