• Project Planet Z added to Music page

    My friend Psychomental (Davor Vujačić) sent me today some great old school tracks from Serbian goa trance project named Planet Z. Tracks were created around 1999. I added the whole playlist (9 tracks) to the Music page and also to this post... It was great hearing this tracks again after all these years, and I hope there will be more old school goa tracks coming from Davor. Thanks again Psychomental!


    Posted on 17 Sep 2019. Tags: music goa planet z 1999

    Goa track number 7 (Ardour on Linux)

    Finally a pure Linux machine. I made this track using Ardour DAW, which is better solution for me than Tracktion + Carla. I know production is not so good and the kick is silent. I wanted for the kick to sound like that, but production is not my cup of tea. Track is made using all free native linux plugins: GeonKick, Calf studio, GVST, Distrho ports, Helm synth, Dragonfly Hall reverb, U-he Podolski, and Ardour native plugins (sidechain compressor, eq, filter). This is the fastest track I made recently (150 BPM). A big Thank You goes to all the people who make opensource and free software!


    Posted on 09 Aug 2019. Tags: music goa psychotic fields ardour linux 2019

    Goa track number 6

    I had to finish this project on my windows system before I backup and than wipe my HDD to make room for the Linux. Of course jeskola buzz used with synths: Charlatan, Oatmeal and CreakBox. Effects: Tone 2 - Warmverb, mgTriggerGate, Tal Filter, Abstract Chamber, TinyQ, Melda Phaser, Luftikus, Roktion, Maxwell Smart, and jeskola buzz native machines and effects.


    Posted on 30 Apr 2019. Tags: music goa psychotic fields buzz 2019

    Fifth track, this time on Linux

    I finally installed Linux on my system and set it up for some goa production! In the near future I hope my machine will not be a dual boot machine. I am planing to get rid of the windows completely. This track is not loud enough, but I hate mastering, so it is as it is... Software used: OS - Debian 9, Tracktion 7, Carla plugin host. Tal, gvst and Calf plugins... A big Thank you goes to all the great people that create free and open source software!


    Posted on 03 Mar 2019. Tags: music goa psychotic fields tracktion linux 2019

    Forth goa track, only 127bpm

    This one is a little slower, 127bpm. Not a typical goa track. Again Jeskola Buzz with free plugins. Synths: T-Phorce Alpha plus, Deducktion, DSK Asian Dreamz, DSK Ethereal padz, Augur, Aegis, and of course buzz native machines Oomek Agressor and KickXP. Effects: Melda free plugins bundle, Tal Chorus and GVST effects bundle.


    Posted on 04 Jan 2019. Tags: music goa psychotic fields buzz 2019

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