• Second goa track finished

    Still under a 140 BPM. I made this using free plugins in Jeskola Buzz. VST (Instruments) used: Charlatan, Augur, Sonigen modular and buzz native machines FSM Infector, FSM Kick XP and Oomek Aggressor 303, For VST (effects) some ReaPlugins, Luftikus as master EQ, Unlimited Limiter, Transpire, S.LA.X compressor, Bass professor II by Sonic Anomaly, Phazor (Phaser) and for reverb Ambience by Smartelectronix. No mastering!


    Posted on 15 Apr 2018. Tags: music goa psychotic fields buzz 2018

    My first goa track after a long time!

    After a long time I finally did it. I made a goa trance track, on a free software for windows called Jeskola Buzz, using only free vst plugins. Synths used: Charlatan, Sonigen modular, U-No-62. Effects used: Phazor, GClip, GComp2, Luftikus. BPM of the track is 137, so it is a little slower. It sounds old and there is no mastering on my tracks because I enjoy making noise but I hate polishing it. So it is how it is, I make a track then share it with everyone and that's it.


    Posted on 12 Feb 2018. Tags: music goa psychotic fields buzz 2018

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